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Curious to know how your colleagues are doing the innovative and inspiring things they do? Learn from your peers in our Quick Consult Series as they dive into tested ideas that are boosting their pharmacy. These short videos will you give you the quick consult you’ve been looking for to elevate your business!
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Functional Medicine: A to Zinc

Additional Education Opportunities 

Making Informed Decisions about the Treatment of Acute Respiratory Tract Infections in Children: New Evidence from a PCORI-Funded Study Comparing Outcomes of Broad- versus Narrow-Spectrum Antibiotics

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Online Activities

Care Planning in Community Pharmacy
Exchanging patient information between health care settings may not seem like a revolutionary concept, but it has been an ongoing effort for decades. We must continue to strive for advancement and innovation in this facet of our health care system...
Building Your Independent Pharmacy Brand Through Social Media
It has been some time since anyone has needed to be convinced to have an internet connection. The number of individuals who use the internet has increased from 44 million in 1995 to 3.4 billion in 2016, which is nearly half of the world's...
What’s New with Vaccinations
Get updated with new vaccine recommendations and refresh your vaccine knowledge during this one-hour webinar. The authors will provide an update on Advisory Council on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations and detail ways you can...
A Giant Leap: The Industry Adopts a New Version of the National E-Prescribing Standard
Standards…who needs them? As it turns out, in this modern world, everyone does. They are found everywhere, though most people are probably unaware of their existence. For example, how is it that you can buy light bulbs from dozens of different...
Implementing and Expanding Vaccination Services: An Updated Review for Routine Vaccinations
Vaccinations are a critical health care service and are increasingly available in pharmacies nationwide. Pharmacists have become widely accepted as immunizers and provide an increasing proportion of vaccines annually. Despite these advances,...
Outside the Counter: Enhancing Pharmacy Practice with the National Diabetes Prevention Program
The ever-evolving challenges posed by patient health care needs call for innovative and multidisciplinary initiatives rooted in preventive measures. This is evident not only through research initiatives that have shown the positive aspects of...
Obesity the Symptom: How the Community Pharmacist Can Help Stop the Biochemical Chaos
No one wants to be obese. No one wants to be overweight. Yet 78% of us fall into these categories. What is going on? The answer is complex— way more complex than “we just eat too much.” This webinar begins the discussion on how to understand and...
USP General Chapter <800> and EPA: Implications for Long-Term Care and Community Pharmacies
USP General Chapter <800> and EPA: Implications for Long-Term Care and Community Pharmacies